Discover a better way to sell

Sales people who are still selling rates, dates and space will soon become extinct. Clients can find that information on the internet and don’t need a sales person for that. Successful sales people who understand their client’s business and can position the value of their solution will create loyal customers who are willing to pay for that value.

We will help you uncover issues that are hindering your sales efforts, then develop the right sales strategy to increase your sales performance and top line revenue.


Take your business to new heights with our proven sales solutions:


Sales for Hire!

If you are struggling to find the right companies and contacts to target, or don’t have the expertise or time to manage the sales process, we can help you compete more proactively in your local market.

Our team, located throughout North America, has experience across the major hotel brands and expertise in all market segments.

Imagine having a turnkey sales team selling in your market in 4 weeks without the overhead expense of a full-time sales team.


Sales Skills Development

  • Enable front line sellers to sell
  • Increase the time your team spends on sales vs. non-sales activities
  • Instill confidence for “cold calling” and prospecting

Sales Consulting

Consulting Services

  • Progressive business thinking
  • Increase team performance with effective solutions
  • Cultivate the right mindset, skillset and toolset

Speaking Engagements

  • Partnering for event success
  • Providing knowledge and inspiration

Our Clients

Our clients include leading brands across the US and Canada who rely on Gillis to prepare their teams for success.

Sales For Hire